Welcome to the surgical practice of Dr. Wojciech STASZEWICZ. We offer high quality treatment in the field of digestive, general, endocrine and abdominal wall surgery as well as the proctology. We provide the complete patient care management, including preoperative examinations, surgical procedures and patient follow-up.

Dr. Wojciech STASZEWICZ, MD, is a Swiss Board Certified Surgeon and Consultant at the University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. STASZEWICZ is expert in advanced laparoscopic and minimally invasive abdominal surgery, abdominal wall reconstruction, hernia surgery and in proctology. He is commited to reduction of surgical site infections and to quality care and new technologies relating to implantable ports and catheters devices.

Surgical procedures are performed in Lausanne's top private clinics using state-of-the-art medical technology. During hospitalisation, our patients receive personalized care and enjoy premium services. We work closely with the best specialists in private sector as well as academic experts from Lausanne, Geneva and abroad.

Patient well-being is at the heart of our activity.

Looking forward to helping you.

and his team

Loic Duval